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High Quality

Custom Trailers and Food Trucks Tailored to Your Specific Needs
By building high-quality commercial trailers that provide smooth towing and stable handling, each of our products is constructed to be easy opening and closing, ready to serve and fast mobile
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We specialize in food trailer engineering and custom fabrication of food trailers and trucks, made with high quality hydraulic system standard that is easy and soft opening closing. Our food truck or trailer can be designed powered by solar system as well.There are wide range of designs for your choice.And We can customize perfect unit specifically for your needs,saving your cost and deliverring best hospitality service. Our committed staffs are ready to assist you in choosing your ideal food trailer for your needs.

we serve to please and are pleased to serve!

Our Team

Trufoz fabrication is backed with professionals who understand the imprtance of a food truck or trailer that fits your specific needs. We work closely with you to make sure your truck is built to specifications that are essential for your business.

The quality of work produced is something we take pride in.
We pridge ourselves on a creative and collaborative design approach that helps set us apart from competitors by delivering high quality and functional custom food trailer and truck.