Reyada Interior Design

Commercial Projects

Golden Tulip Dana Bay Reception Renovation

Trunkey project for renovation, designed by dwp, we added consecution, interior and exterior fit-out works including all materials as per design and specifications.

Turquoise Gallery

High level of interior design work, based of business activities, we delivered the design with specifications and did project management.

Jubail Industrial College (Theater), (VIP Waiting Area), (Main Theater Entrance), (Top Management Meeting Room)

Consulting and design and fit out-works for renovation of large theater room for 800 new seat, air-conditioned, surround system built-in, replace ceiling and flooring with new design for theater stage.

Ultra Modern Design and Fit-out works (golden Belt) Private.

Unique level of interior design for private villa, Project is turnkey of interior fit-out works.

Sumou Main Entance (Wall Water)

Unique of design and fit-out works for wall water flow system with slate stones background and marbles flooring.

Sigma Company Main Showroom

Awarded design by dwp, we contracted turnkey project for fit-out works of renovation.

Jenan Real Estate (Aramco Prototype Villas)

Designed by dwp, we contracted turnkey project for interior fit-out works Aramco sample villas (3 types) prototype includes kitchens, flooring, feting’s and paints.

Monroe Hotel Reception Design

High level of interior design work, based of business activities, we delivered the design with specifications.



Well Being of Your Renovation, 25 Biggest Renovating Mistakes

From ignoring prep work and safety, to setting unrealistic budgets and selecting the wrong fixtures, this is a fearless exposé of the most common renovation mishaps. Find out how it happens, why people do it and, best of all, how to avoid making these mistakes in your own home.

25. Gutting Everything

24. Buying Cheap Materials

23. Excessive Use of Duct Tape

22. Inaccurate Measurements

21. Not Doing the Prep Work

20. Using the Wrong Tools

19. Building a Small Bathroom

18. Ignoring Lighting

17. Going Too Trendy

16. Building Small Doorways

15. Failure to Anticipate Chaos

14. Incorrect Storage of Materials

13. Not Using Green Materials

12. Using the Wrong Paint

11. Building Narrow Halls and Staircases

10. Choosing the Wrong Windows

9. Forgetting About Safety

8. Not Doing Your Homework

7. Forgetting to Update the Electrical System

6. Ignoring Your Home's Style

5. Avoiding Permits

4. Setting an Unrealistic Budget

3. Dealing with Wrong Contractor

2. Taking On More Than You Can Handle

1. Overbuilding for Your Neighborhood.

Appreciated Works

Ultra Modern Design and Fit-out works

Particularly appreciate the high added value to the project

well managed and coordinated construction works and all related projects. Delivered on time and perfect done.

Hamoura Sales Villa (Golden Tulip Resort - Dana Bay)

Beautiful with a very soothing interior and eco-friendly villa

The design perfectly suits the client's requirement, which comes out a stunning effect in life.Even the materials used are in high quality and eco-friendly .

Sigma Showroom (Awarded Design for dwp)

The designers Well figured out the business purpose and products.

Very satisfied with the complete out-come; smart space planning; pleasant layout; design coloring and concept clearly demonstrate product features and the high-end product image.

Batha Customs Housing (Turnkey project)

Effectiveness and efficiency are what i like in projects management.

From construction, interior design to design execution, every project phase was well managed and controlled, Materials used were strictly in accordance with the specification approved.